We have built a number of e-commerce systems on top of the popular open source Rails/Spree framework which together process nearly 100,000 orders annually.

Work Flow

Our custom department workflow systems have processed literally millions of client tasks.

Robotics / SCADA

We have integrated SCADA remote sensing hardware and robotics controllers with mobile phones, allowing client operations staff to monitor and control equipment from anywhere in the world, using just their phones.

About Us

Chris Crowell, President and Director of Technology. Chris is a former Director of IT at both AT&T Wireless and at Cingular Wireless. Chris began his career as a software developer and over the course of 15 years worked in every aspect of Information Technology including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, operations, sustainment and project/program management. As a Program Manager, he has led teams of over 100 people and managed budgets of up to US$25MM. At the director level he worked in IT Resource Management, IT Strategy, and IT Architecture. Chris watched the company grow from 100,000 subscribers and a few hundred employees when it was McCaw Cellular to over 20M subscribers and 60,000 employees when it merged with Cingular. He left Cingular in 2005 as Director of IT Architecture to form Hawthorne Mackenzie Consulting. He resides in Phoenix.

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Our team consists of senior software and business professionals located in both North America and the European Union, all of whom have decades of experience and with whom we have worked for several years. Being geographically distributed helps us better meet the demands of clients in multiple timezones, and also allows us to draw on a global talent pool.

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Selected Clients

University of Minnesota Education / Medicine Design, development, and implementation of a database backed web application for tracking medical samples processed by a University diagnostic laboratory. Used by over 20 countries on 3 continents.
Hills Pet Nutrition, Europe Manufacturing Delivery of e-commerce systems, an e-CRM database containing over 1 million records, a single sign on system, and multiple digital marketing tools. Translated into over 17 languages, including Hebrew and Russian.
Keogh Bay Consulting, Australia Public Relations Information technology strategy consulting. Keogh Bay facilitates communication between large corporations and indigenous communities in Australia. It is staffed by anthropologists and linguists and has a unique set of IT requirements.
The Water Company of Washington Utilities Design, development, and implementation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that allows real time monitoring of water utility systems on iPhones and Blackberries.
The Mark Morris Institute Non-Profit Implementation of a Content Management System to promote the Institution and an e-Commerce application to allow on-line purchase of textbooks used in Veterinary Colleges.

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Contact Us. We're friendly.

One of the most enjoyable parts of a project is getting to know the client's business and explaining the technology choices and tradeoffs -- in a way that helps them quickly and confidently make decisions.

You can reach us via email at info@hawthornemackenzie.com or call us at 206 734 4672.

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